A new health care experience is coming your way.

Office appointments on nights and weekends. Entire teams working to coordinate care. Training, new measures and expert help for health care providers. Neighborhoods working to enhance the health of the people who live in them. These improvements to make health care better are part of Delaware’s plan to make our state one of the healthiest in the nation. This site offers important information—and details—about what’s changing and when.

We imagine a different Delaware.

One where people are healthier because the process of getting and using health care services is better. Where doctors and other health care providers work together to deliver better care, using the tools they need to make their workflow better for them. Where health insurance companies work with doctors, health care organizations and businesses to provide the most affordable costs for services provided.

Five committees are developing ways to improve care by bringing providers, insurers, consumers and community leaders together to innovate and empower change.