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About Us


Where Important Conversations Happen to Drive Change and Collective Impact

The Delaware Center for Health Care Innovation is an engaged and informed healthcare forum that participates in and propels innovation and collaboration to achieve comprehensive healthcare transformation.

Our mission, which has remained consistent from the onset, is to guide healthcare transformation in Delaware through facilitating meaningful stakeholder engagement aimed at informing Delaware’s strategic direction and approach to systemic change and payment reform.

We strive to offer a safe environment for diverse stakeholders to develop and test new ideas, share and learn, and promote the integration of efforts that are focused on solutions to improve the health and healthcare of Delawareans.

DCHI Pillars for Strategic Stakeholder Engagement



Establishing a forum to collaborate, educate, and align stakeholders in healthcare innovation and transformation



Conducting efficient and effective cross sector discussion and strategy building that can address healthcare issues more quickly



Ensuring a trusting, respectful and appreciative atmosphere for competing viewpoints on complex problems



Driving momentum to support stakeholder commitment for the long-term health and wellbeing of Delawareans


History of the Organization

In 2013, the Delaware Health Care Commission (HCC) convened a multi-stakeholder coalition of consumers, providers, payers, community organizations, academic institutions, and State agencies to frame Delaware’s vision of becoming one of the healthiest states in the nation. This collaboration led to the development of Delaware’s Health Innovation Plan, an ambitious, multiyear roadmap designed to achieve the Quadruple Aim ─ better health, quality, affordability and provider/consumer experience. Central to the enactment of the plan was broad-
based agreement on the value of stakeholder engagement across all aspects of its design and implementation. DCHI was incorporated in 2014 as a 501(c) (3) not-for-profit organization, a strategic result of the multi-stakeholder public-private collaboration begun in 2013. Significantly, the partnership also led to the realization of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid (CMMI) State Innovation Model (SIM) initiative in Delaware. The priorities, therefore, have been closely aligned with the objectives established through the SIM program. 
However, the organization was formed separately from the state government on the premise that transformation across the healthcare landscape requires the collaboration of public and private sectors over a prolonged period, likely to exceed the tenure of any one administration (federal or state) and that of many executive teams. From the start, DCHI was envisioned as the entity to drive long-term collaboration to ensure on-going extensive stakeholder involvement in achieving viable comprehensive, systemic transformation.

Delaware Center for Health Innovation Organizational Chart

DCHI is a unique and important forum for multi-stakeholder dialogue and consensus building. Working as a catalyst for health care transformation in Delaware, DCHI’s mission is to:

Serve as the convener of stakeholder groups and to drive consensus to achieve a participatory approach to health care transformation in our State; Provide thought leadership for all aspects of SIM related initiatives and the broader transformation effort; Provide a sustainable structure for long term engagement and investment in healthcare transformation to achieve our quadruple Aim; and Implement the Healthy Neighborhoods program for improving population based health.